The HAS Hub@ICS-ULisboa aims at tackling the relations between human and non-human animals, looked at as a continuum between nature and culture, or naturecultures. Non-human animals are considered actors in full right, active and decisive in the co-production of the hybrid communities inhabited by both humans and non-humans.

Amazonian Animals

+INFO: https://eco.ces.uc.pt/en/amazonian-animals-in-contemporary-brazilian-literature/

The ERC EcoAmazonia project is a partner in the ERC ABIDE project [Grant ID: 101043231], the new HAS-Hub project. More information about ABIDE is coming soon: http://humananimalstudies.net/en/abide/

monthly meetings


Animal Wonder – Reading Group on Human-Animal Studies @ICS-ULisboa has as a main goal to map the field of Human-Animal Studies, both at an international and national level.

We discuss some of its fundamental works, beginning by the foundational ones, as well as more specific topics, as the discussion progresses.



Short animation film by Just Wondering

Three online sessions per year


Webinar on Post-Humanism and Nonhuman Animals Coordination: Verónica Policarpo, ICS-ULisboa 

Who is the Post-Human Animal? We don’t know yet! We have just begun becoming with each other, as we move fluidly through authors, texts, readings and spoken words. We first met each other, against all odds, during the pandemic summer of 2020, at Rosie Braidotti’s Summer School on Post-Human Knowledge.


2ª Edição do curso animais & Sociedade

A decorrer


CLAN – Children-Animals Friendships: challenging boundaries between humans and non-humans in contemporary societies

Funding by Foundation
for Science and Technology
(PTDC/SOC 28415/2017)

Este projeto visa compreender as relações entre crianças e animais, analisando as suas práticas afetivas, e discute os modos como estas se entrelaçam com outras práticas, ambientes e contextos, como os que estão implicados no ato de “cuidar” de um animal de companhia.

Prémio Estímulo e Reconhecimento da Internacionalização em Ciências Sociais
(Prémio ERICS) - edição 2020

O Human-Animal Studies Hub - To create and foster Human-Animal Studies in Portugal, foi distinguido com o prémio ERICS - Estímulo e Reconhecimento da Internacionalização em Ciências Sociais, edição 2020, do Instituto de Ciências Sociais. O júri atribuiu ao HAS-Hub o prémio na modalidade projetos de investigação objeto de financiamento internacional, reconhecendo a qualidade e relevância da investigação fundamental ou aplicada deste projeto. A coordenação e toda a equipa do HAS-Hub congratulam-se com este prémio, acreditando que corresponde a um reconhecimento da presença e importância da área dos Human-Animal Studies na investigação científica portuguesa, e em particular no Instituto de Ciências Sociais, onde o Hub está alojado. Muito obrigada!

Fronteiras XXI

The PI of the project CLAN, Verónica Policarpo, was on a tv show, from the RTP 3 channel, called “Fronteiras XXI”. This broadcast was entitled “Nós e os Animais” (Animals and US). In this session were covered multiple subjects, such as: the hierarchization of animals, the importance of institutions like zoos and aquariums for nature conservation, human-animal relationships, animals within the human family, animal law, animal care and the growing pet industry. 
Click in the button below to watch the full show!

Nós e os Animais

HAS International Development Program Award

Gafanhoto postér hub
The Animal & Society Institute awarded the HAS Hub @ICS-ULisboa with the 2019-2020 HAS International Development Program Award. The Animal & Society Institute already helped co-organize an international Summer School in HAS during the first week of June 2019. This summer school counted with the presence of several students and lecturers from all around the world. The summer school also had the privilege of having the Program Director for Human-Animal Studies at the Animals and Society Institute, Margo DeMello as the invited keynote speaker.
This award will also help fund:
• The organization of the first national post-graduate course in HAS
• The organization of an international conference
• The publication of a handbook in HAS, in Portuguese
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