What is the Animal Wonder?

Animal Wonder – Reading Group on Human-Animal Studies @ICS-ULisboa
Coordenação: Verónica Policarpo (ICS-ULisboa)

Animal Wonder – Reading Group on Human-Animal Studies @ICS-ULisboa has as a main goal to map the field of Human-Animal Studies, both at an international and national level, by discussing some of its fundamental works, beginning by the foundational ones, as well as more specific topics, as the discussion progresses. It constitutes a free space of intellectual debate, drawing on the proposed readings, which aims at supporting the work of researchers whose interests and projects cut-cross human-animal relations. It is an interdisciplinary group, with a specific focus on social sciences, with the contribute of sociologists, anthropologists, historians and social pshychologists, from several higher education and research institutions, who have as a common ground their scientific interest in human-animal relations.


Dia 15 de Abril // 2020
01 to 2h30 PM
Room 2 // ICS-ULisboa

Deleuze and Guattari (1987)




Presented by Nuno Carvalho