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Visiting Scholars

PhD Students


Maria Saari

PhD Student, University of Oulu 

Maria Helena Saari is a PhD Candidate at the University of Oulu and works in the research projects AniMate-Multispecies Childhoods (2018-2021) and Academy of Finland funded CitiRats (2021-2024) and is a Visiting Doctoral Researcher at HAS-Hub in autumn 2021. Maria first studied Translation, Media & Spanish (BA Hons) at the University of East Anglia and Translation & Interpreting Studies (MA) at the University of Manchester before pursuing a Master in Animal Law & Society at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her PhD research project is titled “Animals as stakeholders in education: towards an educational reform for interspecies sustainability” and her research interests broadly include human-animal relations, animals in education (policy and pedagogy), animal law, animal-inclusive pedagogies (e.g. humane education), environmental education, and interspecies sustainability and justice. She teaches undergraduate courses on environmental education and multispecies childhood studies at the University of Oulu and serves as board member and treasurer of the Finnish Network for Critical Animal Studies (CASFinland).

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