GRUPO LOBO – Center for the Rehabilitation of the Iberian Wolf (

GRUPO LOBO is an NGO created in 1985 for the protection and conservation of the wolf and its ecosystem in Portugal. Its mission is to provide accurate and updated information about the wolf, support the development of scientific studies about the species, educate and raise awareness of the public to the importance of this predator and promote practical conservation measures that increase tolerance towards wolves.

ALDEIA is an NGO that aims to contribute to sustainable development, based on the conservation of nature and the preservation of the culture and traditions that survive in rural areas. The Association was incorporated in the Planalto Mirandês in July 2003. The current official headquarter is located in Vimioso, where one can still find some of the best preserved natural and cultural heritage of Portugal. The landscape, the biodiversity and the ways of life of its people make the Nordeste Transmontano one of the most privileged regions of the country, especially for those who seek close and genuine contact with Nature and the Rural World.

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