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“Daisy, vamos ao parque? Crianças e animais na cidade” 
Workshop CriCity

 On the 25th of October, CLAN participated in a workshop organized by the project CriCity, named “Espaços Públicos Infantis: Ilhas de Liberdade na Cidade?”. The CLAN’s contribution was given by Verónica Policarpo with the presentation “Daisy, vamos ao parque? Crianças e animais na cidade”. This presentation aimed to examine the subject of children and animals in the city. The presentation focused on the several kinds of animals that children might find in the city, from their own companion animals, to other “undesirable” animals like rats, insects, pigeons and stray animals.

“Children and animals: objects of study of the Sociology of Childhood“

Presentation of the CLAN project in the 14th edition of the European Sociological Association conference.

“Luto por um animal de companhia” 

This presentation aimed to approach the mourning of companion animals and it delved into themes like: which animals are worthy of being mourned and which are not, the relation between humans and their companion animals, and the liminal status that these animals have.

Fronteiras XXI: “Nós e os Animais” 

The PI of the project CLAN, Verónica Policarpo, was on a tv show, from the RTP 3 channel, called “Fronteiras XXI”. This broadcast was entitled “Nós e os Animais” (Animals and US). In this session were covered multiple subjects, such as: the hierarchization of animals, the importance of institutions like zoos and aquariums for nature conservation, human-animal relationships, animals within the human family, animal law, animal care and the growing pet industry.

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90 Seconds of Science

On the 31st of January 2019, the coordinator of the project CLAN, Verónica Policarpo, was on the show 90 seconds of science to talk about the CLAN project. 

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