The Post-Human Animal

Webinar on Post-Humanism and Nonhuman Animals
Coordination: Verónica Policarpo, ICS-ULisboa

Who is the Post-Human Animal?

Maggie Stiefvater, Vitruvian Cat
Maggie Stiefvater, Vitruvian Cat

We don’t know yet! We have just begun becoming with each other, as we move fluidly through authors, texts, readings and spoken words. We first met each other, against all odds, during the pandemic summer of 2020, at Rosie Braidotti’s Summer School on Post-Human Knowledge. As the world had gone digital, we sat daily, for several hours in a row, to passionately discuss the possibilities and emergence of different ways of knowing, and being in, the world, beyond human centeredness and exceptionalism.

As birds of a feather, we soon flocked together, and this was how the idea of putting together a reading group on post-humanism and nonhuman animals was born. We then settled around the idea of a webinar where we can meet online every 4 months, to discuss important works in post-humanist scholarly literature that address “the animal question”.

We are researchers, educators, students, artists, practitioners… We come from different disciplinary backgrounds, different countries and continents. From this collaborative movement and through our encounters, we expect to better understand the contingent and ever-changing multispecies entanglements that characterize our common life-worlds.

If the question of dwelling in a more egalitarian multispecies world triggers you… and if you are comfortable with not knowing, but instead constantly seek to be surprised… you will find here a space of intellectual freedom, debate and mutual respect, to imagine a more liveable world to all species.

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What, where and when?

Three online sessions per year, every four months, beginning in January 2021: January, May, September.

Next Session

  • 27th January 2021, 3-5pm Lisbon/London/GMT Time.
  • Main Discussant: Mariska Jung, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Post-human Animal Cartaz

Following Sessions

  • 26th May 2021, 3-5pm Lisbon/London/GMT Time.
  • 29th September 2021, 3-5pm Lisbon/London/GMT Time.